Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beginning to Finish!

Well, what do I mean?  I am finally finishing projects that have been lingering.  I cleaned the sewing studio and found I now have aprox. four laundry baskets of unfinished ideas.  Some are really unstarted but the intention means it doesn't fit in supplies as much as in projects.  

I finally made these pins from a free pattern at Jenny Allsorts.  They are only about two and a half inches wide but very cute.  The white is fabric from the bottom of a slipper that had been made and scraps were left.  The gray is wool felt.

I have a plan to enlarge it into an applique on kitchen towels but haven't finished.

I made this box of folded fabric squares and a breeze hanger too.  My friend, Jill, and I were showing folded fabric possibilities to our quilting group in Moody, AL.  I also made 15 tissue holders, demo-ed the pattern and gave them away to the Bib 'N' Tucker Sew-Op in Woodlawn, AL.  So no pix of those.

Lastly, I made myself a new ironing board cover from fabric the Moody quilters didn't want because it was too heavy.  I used It's Sew Chic website for advice on the under layers and Momtastic for the cover pattern. Thank you to those posts.

I am now finishing up blocks with ladies at my library; show those in June.  Also, here are my piles for two rag quilts in process for my son and my brother.  

So that catches you up and I hope to blog at least every other day.  Thanks for your interest.


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