Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pressing Forward

I have two works in progress.  What do you think they are?

Also fixing up a little bear I found.  This is his before pix.

I will post after pix when I get done working on him.  He is sooo cute.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Is It February Already?

So what has been happening with you all?  Maybe time has been flying like it has for me.  Today I am trying to finish some art quilts for a show called “Living Room” going on at the Alabama School of Fine Arts.  But I want to catch you up.

Before Christmas I went to a showing of art works curated by a friend, Gary Chapman.  He is an artist and professor at UAB.  This really cool painted dress was in the show, made out of canvas and painted 360 degrees.

I made Christmas ornaments and presents at Christmas and then started on practical items.  I made my dog some coats and dyed my bed blanket in the washer.  It came out great but the pictures didn’t work for it.  We also opened up the front room with looms we were given in the Fall.

Now I want to finish UFOs and and work on art items for Spring.  I am also finishing a quilt repair this month. 
My couple umbrella is up at the show “Living Room” and I am hoping to put up the whole set at the local library in April. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The March Quilts Exhibit

Tonite we get to show the March Quilts.  They are seven quilts made in workshops and quilted by Bib & Tucker.  B & T members also put one together ourselves.  They celebrate the anniversary of the Selma March and the Civil Rights struggle.  They are beautiful in their art and message.  Here is out promo video.  Pix of reception tomorrow.

The third and final preview before tonight's exhibit! We hope to see you at Bridgestreet Gallery & Loft from 6-8PM. Can't make it tonight? The gallery will be open tomorrow and Thursday from noon to 4PM. (Thanks to Christianna Traynor for photos and Orlando Thompson for video editing.)
Posted by The March Quilts on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fiber Art Intro Class for Space One Eleven Art Campers

This was the Camp Teacher's post on FB:

Monday, July 13, 2015

Runner Up!

I got an honorable mention from Contest Results

I will be making one of my own suggestions so I guess you should watch for a picture.

I also am going to make the screen curtain shown on so watch for that too.

Another cool resource I found is Innova Crafts videos on Youtube.  Lots of inspiration.

Monday, July 6, 2015


I have finished a curtain for the side door, a fall felt leaf necklace and the machine sewing on the kitty coasters.  Yay!!  So many projects have been waiting for me.  The more I finish, the more my sewing studio will be able to handle new projects.

lace sleeve with ink-dyed medallions

new side door curtain

Fall felt leaf necklace

Friday, June 19, 2015

Reviving the Blog/ Local Quilt Show Visit

Hi Everyone!!

Mercy.  It's been two years since I posted.  Well, I am reviving my blogging and can't wait to interact with you.  It has been a long time so if you have blogger experience please leave tips and tricks in the comments.  Be nice tho, I want to stay positive.

So, today was the first day of the Birmingham Quilters Guild Quilt Fest.  They do their show every other year so we really anticipate it as it gets near.  This year seemed a little pricey for admission ($7) but that could be my frugal ways talking.  If you filled out a survey card you got a try at a free fat quarter.  I chose this one which reminds me of a pierrot outfit.

They had fabulous basket for raffle as well as a cute "opportunity" quilt.  These pictures were things I noticed specifically.

This one had two shapes in tessellation which is very cool to me.  Can you see the arrowheads as well as the diamonds?

This picture doesn't show it well enough but the background fabric is a very tiny print that from far away gave this quilt the look of being appliqued onto burlap.  I don't know if the quilter did that intentionally but it gave it a very trendy look.

This quilt is all hand and feet prints, even the turtles at the bottom.  I took a close shot of the butterfly so you could see the technique.  I am sure a lot of teachers and grandparents would love some version of this.

 Here is a rescued quilt top from 1937.  My friend Bec just bought two 30's tops she is going
to have quilted and use.  I dearly love salvaging old quilt tops or forgotten blocks.

And last was this great paper pieced cat on a pile of quilts.  It is only about four inches high in a mini quilt that was maybe a 10" square.  I was not only impressed with the subject but also the tiny piecing.  It is just like cats too.

Well, I hope you will follow me here.  Dizzy Needle is going to become my outlet for made items, quilt repair and here is where I hope you get inspired about all things fiber.